After several days of waiting and being anxious to be in the Double Digits, the day has finally arrived and my youngest baby is finally 10!! It has been a long road with ups and downs but we made it. Omar is turning into a great young man. I am so very proud of him and hope that he knows how much I love him.

He’s a little football hound and is still a Lego Fanatic! He loves hanging out with the furry family members.

I love you Omar (OME)!!!

May Allah keep you safe.

I feel bad that I have neglected my blog so much. Life just kinda took over and I almost forgot how to turn on the PC for anything other than paying bills. The boys are getting bigger by the second and time just seems to slip away from me in the blink of an eye. My grandson is already ONE! He’s cute and cuddly and I am still trying to figure out how to split myself as full time mommy still and grandmother. Wonder if there is a book out there somewhere. I have been keeping tabs on my amazing football team and recently discovered that there is another CHARGERS fan in my area so that makes at least four of us that are CHARGERS fans in the frozen tundra of Northern New York where you are supposed to be a YANKEES fan *puke puke* and I am definitely not one of those kind of people lol. PADRES ALL THE WAY!! And then there are the NY football teams that I am proud to say do not have me as a fan. Football has been great the past year or so because I actually had someone to watch it with! I am trying my hardest to get into NASCAR but I am just not feeling it. Anyhow, Thanksgiving was great and went off with out a hitch and the turkey was so amazingly moist and tender and super tasty. Decided not to stuff it this year and that actually might be the key to the moist issue. Maybe the stuffing sucks all the juice out of the turkey? Who knows lol. I bought a roaster pan thing and that was such a great decision as it freed up my oven for me to cook my tasty Pecan Pie (recipe straight off the bottle of Karo Syrup lol) can’t go wrong with that right? Well, I am needed as usual to download this app or that app or RPG? I forget. I am going to try to be more consistent with my page and know that there probably are not a lot that read the page but if family gets to see the updates then thats just fine by me. Time for some hot cocoa!!

After a disappointing season with my team, the past 3 San Diego Chargers games have been unbelievably incredible!!

Tonight’s matchup against the Ravens had me nervous but amazingly, Chargers have dominated the field. One minute left in 4th quarter and score is 34-14.

I wish they had played like this all season but, rain or shine this team is mine!!